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This page is temporally designed for the Parallax Art Fair – Chelsea Town Hall in London on the 1 & 2 June 2013.
(See http://www.barlowfinedrawings.com/parallaxaf.html)


This photo: ‘The Raven’ is part of the show and is from my series ‘Liberated Resonance’
Size: 33.23 x 60 cm (13.08 x 23.62 inch), Giclee print (Epson) +U.V.-Protection-foil.
Mounted on 10 mm (0.393 inch) Black MDF.
Limited edition: 1:15 (+2 A.P.)
Price: £555.-

Liberated Resonance:
The inspiration for this series stems from my fascination with old cultures. I am attracted to romanticizing how they would look and feel in today’s world – I allow myself to see the magic unfold. This work is an expression of the excavation process that I uncovered. I try to capture the emotional thrill in my journey of discovery. The revelations of hidden colours and textures expose new images from their casts.
Subliminal cultures and fantasy civilizations become the new frontiers.

I draw my inspiration from the extreme contrast and the bittersweet nature of beauty and death in every day life. Then I let the camera do it’s work rather than interfering with the subject.
The images I extract from my surroundings project surreal forms, an exuberance of colour and my own cluttered or uncluttered emotional status at that moment in time.

Caspar Veeger
Born: 1959
The Netherlands

I studied Photography and Audio Visual Communication at the Academy of Art in Breda and Documentary Photography at the School of Photography in Apeldoorn. I gained my professional experience working at the Photo Studio of Suki Langereis, in Amsterdam, with a focus on advertising and editorial work. I also worked for the Dutch TV (VPRO) and for ‘The Foundation for Film and Science’.

For more information please contact Caspar on: info@casparveeger.com or at 0031-6-81466887
Also have a look for some more work at: http://artir.co/photos/caspar-veeger#gallery-M116

With kind regards,
Caspar Veeger

F. Scholtenstraat 29-d
1051 ET Amsterdam
The Netherlands